Our team

Menno Henselmans

I used to be a business consultant specialized in advanced data analysis. While I had a great traditional career, my passion had always been in fitness.

I saw the fitness industry was filled with broscience, supplement scams and fad diets. There was a dire need for data-driven and scientific information.

I now help serious strength trainees get the most out of their physique with scientific fitness education. In addition to managing my online courses, I'm an online physique coach, scientific researcher and international public speaker.

Borge Fagerli

An engineer by education, I have delved deep into higher level physiology and biology, nutrition, exercise science and psychology. It came naturally to me to acquire large amounts of information and put it into practice, becoming one of the most prominent experts in the field.

Even with an impressive line-up of award-winning athletes and fitness competitors in and out of Norway, I get the most fun and enjoyment out of achieving incredible results in the average gym goer. It shows that my methods work universally.

Svein Even Eivindsen

I studied Applied Science at school and went to work in the energy sector, where I spent years focusing on getting the details just right for a very niche sub-section of an already niche aspect of the industry - all the while trying to figure out which rules of the trade were critical and which could be molded into more pragmatic best practices. I then stepped up into a leadership role where the job is to let the experts do their thing, while I attempt to weave together the bigger picture in the field, where performance, resource management and pragmatism are paramount.

Having been a client of both Menno and Børge, I have first-hand experience on how their approaches work on the receiving end, and where they meet in terms of the critical details and the practical take-aways. What I hope to bring to CyberneticFitness is again to allow the experts to do their thing, figure out what the underlying rules between their perspectives are, and weave it all together into a tool that moves you towards your fitness goals in the most pragmatic way possible.

Vincent Huisman

As an Online Marketer, my mission is to promote evidence-based methods in fitness and health.

I thrive on exploring fascinating topics such as data analysis, psychology, and business.

As part of Cybernetic Fitness, I love to help provide cutting-edge, evidence-based methods that meet personalized experiences on a massive scale.